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Welcome to the Steinbeis Transfer Center

Language Learning Media

eLearning Solutions for Schools, Universities and Adult Education

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Course Parking: Use our 'Moodle'-based eLearning-Portal for your own online courses and assessments.

Rent-a-Package: Integrate learning packages from our resource pool to enhance your own online courses.

Authoring-Support: Create your own learning and testing materials with our authoring software 'Telos Language Partner' and make your eLearning content meet your learners' needs.

Workshops: We help you become familiar with our 'Moodle' Portal and 'Telos Language Partner' and to make best use of it to support your own eLearning strategy.

Custom-Built Content: We have long-standing experience with the creation of customized language learning and testing materials. Ask our experts to help you. This might be the fastest - and least expensive - road to success.

! Use our eLearning Portal for your 'Blended Learning' Strategy !

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English Language Interview Corpus as a Second-Language Application

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Pedagogic Corpora for Content & Language Integrated Learning

The STZ Sprachlernmedien offers support and training for making best use of the eLearning potential of the Backbone corpora and tools

Interpreting in Virtual Reality
IVY Website

icEurope - Intercultural Communication in Europe

Web Collaboration and E-learning in the English Classroom
icEurope Website
icEurope Moodle platform